Still life

good bye 2015

Ok, I put my hands up, I've been terrible at blogging in 2015. I have been lucky enough to shoot lots of film and just haven't had the time to share everything I intended. So I thought I'd put together a little mix of some of my favourite work from the year and, I promise, I'll be better in 2016! Happy new year!

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a portrait of Felicity by Katharine Peachey (1 of 1).jpg
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thinking of you

Greece has been in the news a lot recently and I wanted to show my support for the Greek people and their brave stand against the nonsensical rhetoric that is 'austerity'.  Last year, I was lucky enough to photograph several destination weddings on a few of their lovely islands and so thought I'd post a few shots from my travels, just as a small tribute to a beautiful and dignified nation.