of time and the city

The other evening I watched the film 'Of Time & The City' by epic director Terence Davies. It's more of a sequence of memories than a film and contains some amazing footage of 1950 & 60's Liverpool life interspersed with poetry and humorous musings from the man himself. I'd encourage anyone to go see it. The film made me realise just how fascinating a city Liverpool is (much to the disgust of my Mancunian other half). Built on the spoils of the slave trade it's impressive buildings largely stand in decaying grandeur now and after the 'slum' clearances of the 50's - arguably still going on there today - they mingle with brutalist tower blocks and uninspired shopping centres. Plenty of new investment seems to be taking hold again there now, particularly around the wonderful docks, but let's just hope those buildings and all that lovely open waterfront remains available to everyone, not just those that can afford a river side latte. Here are a few shots from my last trip there.

Film, Kodak Portra shot on the Contax 645

Liverpool copyright Katharine Peachey (1 of 5).jpg
Liverpool scenes copyright Katharine Peachey.jpg
Liverpool's eclectic architecture copyright Katharine Peachey.jpg
Liverpool on film copyright Katharine Peachey.jpg
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