styling the seasons

My lovely friend and talented stylist and blogger, Katy Orme, contacted me a little while ago. Along with the very clever Charlotte from Lotts & Lots, they were starting a monthly blog series called Styling The Seasons. It's all about observing seasonal changes and trying to reflect those changes in our homes. Next week, the pair will be hosting an event at Liberty to launch the project and I'll be photographing it, so, since I love interiors, I thought I'd get involved too. Now, I'm clearly not a stylist, so I wanted to my focus to be more about light than about props and decor. This October has been a great month for autumn light; even though our days are shorter we have had some wonderful sunshine and the warm weather has brought us vivid colours that make waving goodbye to summer a little easier. My sitting room is bathed in that sun all day and my favourite time is when it just starts dipping behind the chimneys, when it's at its most golden. So here's a little corner of my home that always gets the last of that light and hopefully celebrates a little of October too.

You can read more about the project and see other blogger's beautifully styled seasons on Katy's lovely blog Apartment Apothecary and on Charlotte's Lotts & Lots