the beginning

I've never understood why we celebrate new year in January. To me, it feels the opposite of a beginning; daylight is short, the trees are still skeletal, the weather even colder, surely it's the real close of the year? I think it makes more sense to treat March as the start of the new, so I have decided to celebrate a new year in Spring. Not just to be contrary, I am hoping this will allow me to enjoy the final winter months rather than wallowing amongst all those broken resolutions that never had a hope of taking root (because nothing grows this time of year). And there are plenty of wintery treats still left to enjoy - slow cooking, open fires, frosty window panes - and the winter light in particular. Perhaps because it's so scarce at this time of year, winter sunlight is magical and those blue skies, life affirming - so much more so at this time of year than any other I think. I just vow to get out there more and take more photographs. Although that might sound a bit like a resolution, mightn't it?

Winter blues, copyright K.Peachey.jpg
Winter tree and bus stop, copyright K.Peachey copy.png
Blackheath, copright K.Peachey.jpg
Hats and hoods, copyright K.Peachey.jpg
The sands copyright K.Peachey (1 of 1).jpg
Chimneys copyright K.Peachey (1 of 1).jpg
Open fire. Copyright K.Peachey 2013 (1 of 1).jpg